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How to Know God

How to Know God: Who is God? Who is Yeshua? Can a person know God and experience him personally? People have asked these questions for thousands of years. Check out this study which hopes to answer these questions and more. [Read More]

Watch David Brickner’s video to find out what Israel’s Supreme Court said about Barry Barnett’s case, and be one of the first to preview “Multitudes,” a stunning collection of Gospel-based paintings.
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Journeys of Faith
Watch videos of the journeys of Jewish people who found their Messiah [More]

Parsha in 60 Seconds:
Check out this fun and quick summary of this week's parsha. Now with a reflective Messianic study by Rabbi Glenn Harris.
[Read the Companion Torah Study]
[Parsha in 60 Seconds Archive]

Read & Print a Purim Broadside, Send a Purim E-Card, Print Recipes

Watch our Purim Playlist including Purim in 60 Seconds, Kosher Joe Purim Play, and a Purim Reflection by Susan Perlman.  [Click here for more on Purim]

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