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Letter from Moishe Rosen

Dear friends and fellow laborers with Jews for Jesus:

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Letter from David Brickner

It is hard to believe we have entered the 30th year of ministry for Jews For Jesus. In these 30 years over 800 people have served the Lord with this mission. Together we have talked to hundreds of thousands of people about the Lord, introduced thousands more to faith in Y'shua and had the gospel published for tens of millions to see. We have grown from a small tribe to an international team of highly dedicated missionaries with branches in 11 countries around the world. We've received credit (and blame) for all sorts of things we didn't do, from evangelizing worshippers at the Western Wall to introducing Dylan to Messiah! We have helped change the climate of opinion in the Jewish community concerning the person of Jesus. What an interesting adventure these past 30 years have been!

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