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Administrative Staff

Jews for Jesus is an international ministry, and as such we have need for many people to serve behind-the-scenes at our headquarters in San Francisco, and in our local branches. Though not doing front-line evangelism, these staff people make our ministry possible by carrying out many needed functions. We have a wide array of positions including graphic artists, data entry operators and church relations workers, printers, multimedia specialists, website developers, administrative assistants, computer programmers, writers, marketing specialists, warehouse workers and a number of others as well. The size of our headquarters staff is approximately fifty people. All of these people contribute to our goal of direct Jewish evangelism and all of them have chosen to use their abilities to serve God in a Christian context. All full-time positions at our headquarters are salaried with a full benefit package.

NOTE: As a general rule, we do not offer visa sponsorships for our administrative positions. Relocating people to the U.S. is much more difficult and costly to our donors than having people serve with us who already have the legal right to work in the US for an unrestricted length of time. Exceptions to this rule are very rare and only offered in cases where we have a long-standing relationship with the candidate and we are very familiar with their work.

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Temporary Employment Opportunities

"To every thing there is a season…"(Ecc. 3:1) Jews for Jesus employs temporary staff members to meet our seasonal busy periods, typically in the Passover/Easter season and near the end of the calendar year. Our seasonal positions involve data entry, clerical work, or preparing boxes for shipping. Jews for Jesus seasonal employees sometimes return year after year and occasionally become permanent members of the Jews for Jesus staff.

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Jews for Jesus is seeking a Senior Accounting Clerk to manage the daily accounting processes of our Finance Department, located at our Headquarters Office in San Francisco. This position will report to and work closely with the Controller. The long term goal for this person is to grow into the Finance Department Manager.

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