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Massah Israel

What if you had the chance to:

  • Explore the Land of Israel
  • Meet other Jewish believers
  • Study Hebrew
  • Travel to exotic locations

All while Serving God?

Each summer Jews for Jesus hosts a program called Massah that prepares and enables Jewish believers in Jesus for service to God.  This program includes bible study, prayer, worship, team building and outreach in Israel and India with the purpose of reaching out to Israelis worldwide.

You'll have an opportunity to grow in your faith in a community of Jewish believers and you'll learn to use your gifts and experience to engage in cross-cultural ministry, within a team setting. 

Your travels will bring you to Tel Aviv where you will begin your 6 week discipleship program. 

This Israeli experience will include:

  • Extended times of prayer and worship
  • Hebrew language studies
  • Getting acquainted with the people and the land of Israel as you travel throughout the country
  • Becoming familiar with God's word
  • Fellowship with other Jewish believers
  • Learning to share the Gospel with Israelis

Upon completing the 6 week discipleship program, the group will travel to a significant Israeli ‘trekker’ community in Northern India.  There you will spend about 3 weeks ministering and interacting with Israeli backpackers in a variety of ways.

What you need to know:

  • Who: Jewish believers in Y'shua (Jesus) between the ages of 19-26
  • Where: Israel and Northern India.
  • When: 10 weeks beginning in June.
  • Cost: Each participant is asked to raise $2800 to cover the cost of flights; housing; transportation, and meals in Israel and India for 10 weeks.
  • Refer a friend and earn money towards Massah!

To learn more about Massah contact:
Aaron Trank, Minister-at-Large
Jews for Jesus – 60 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 864-2600 x 1125

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