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"All change is first perceived as loss," is a true saying a good friend of mine used to regularly utter. He had much wisdom. I'm finding it to be particularly true as I started off 2013 by moving from Brooklyn to San Francisco. What I've found to be equally true is that some change can later be counted the greatest gain.

We live in a world where we relocate across countries and across oceans for new jobs, where print media is yielding to touch screens. A world where parents have their children text them once inside their schools, even if they were dropped off on the sidewalk. A world that is speeding up. And we are told to change with it. However, for many, there is one preconception that is particularly resistant to change : Jewish people cannot believe in Jesus. This is flat out false.

I was born to two Jewish parents who had changed this mindset before having met. They found each other in a community of Jewish believers in Jesus. They were married in that same community. They raised my sister and me in a Messianic congregation full of Jewish people who were similarly convinced. And they were the minority. I am looking at 2013 and thinking that this can be the year the Jewish statistics get a bit skewed for Jesus. The numbers are rising. Not nearly as fast as a certain 2012 Korean music video’s view count, but rising still.

The American Jewish population experienced a spike in Jewish people finding Jesus in the 1960s and 70s, the Russian Jewish body a few decades later. Israel is now in her growth spurt, experiencing a five- or six- fold increase in Jewish believers since the 1990s. Our ministry and many of the Jewish believers in Israel are doing and sacrificing much to spread the news of Jesus' fulfillment of prophecy and restoration of relationship with God. I am convinced that God will continue to work on the hearts of our Jewish people through 2013 and of course beyond. If you already believe in Jesus as your Messiah, whether or not you are Jewish, I would strongly encourage you to keep sharing as much as you can with your friends in the United States, Russia, Israel, Korea, and wherever the Lord takes you this year.

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0 # Tom the Redneck Jew 2013-01-12 19:31
Yo Ya'll did yiou not get my entry to the Frisco chapter. Pray about the timing but teshuvah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Return to traditional synagogues and worship Yeshuah there. Say the blessing like this. Baruch atah Adoani Yeshuah Elouheinu Melekh Ha'Olam
Say your SHMA like this Shm'a Y'Israel Adonai Yeshuah Elouheinu ECHAD
Adoani Yeshuah Elouheinu ECHAD.
I cannot do all this by myself. So git to it. You gys have the manpower now do it nationwide and do not think this is a request but your marchijng orders but pray about the timing.
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