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My local Starbucks has recently been playing Paul McCartney’s cover of the Harold Arlen–Johnny Mercer song “Accentuate the Positive.” According to Wikipedia, the song “was published in 1944. It is sung in the style of a sermon, and explains that accentuating the positive is key to happiness.”


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When injuries downed many of our beloved San Francisco Giants, our super subs came through!


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Atonement of the Highest Order

For Jewish people, the Day of Atonement (which begins this Friday at sundown) is the holiest day of the year.  It is the day when the books are opened in heaven and God determines who gets their name written in the Book of Life and who doesn’t.  It is a day to fast, to contemplate, to pray, to ask forgiveness, to make atonement for wrongs done to others and to God.  But what is atonement?  And how does one get it?


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How to Make Yom Kippur Every Day of Your Life

Looking for a better way to observe Yom Kippur?


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Kosher Goes Gourmet

Kosher Goes Hip for the Holidays


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The Jewish New Years —Collect Them All!

Check out the four Jewish New Years—or maybe even five!


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Feeling The Squeeze?

Feel the squeeze. But not from God.


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“Hey, Dude, Does that Resonate with You?”

Hey, Dude, Does that Resonate with You?


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How to Make a Mess of Things

Gap living is not for sissies. It’s for those who have vision.


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Movie Review: Wish I Was Here

Movie Review: Wish I Was Here, directed by Zach Braff, 2014


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Reflections on the death of Robin Williams

"You sit down to dinner, and life as you know it ends," writes Joan Didion in her book The Year of Magical Thinking.  She captures what feels most punishing and cruel about our existence: that it might end without notice.


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So Are We Blood Brothers?

We have this common bond and it sets us apart.


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Open Letter to Evangelical Christians from Jews for Jesus Now is the time to stand  with Israel

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Our hearts are heavy as we watch the images of violence and bloodshed in Israel and Gaza.


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A Dronie Is Coming Near Your Face

The selfie is dead. Now it's the dronie, also known as the sky selfie.


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The (real) wall that divides

Conflicts are inevitable. I don’t know of any one family that doesn’t have them, so how could we expect the absence of conflict between entire people groups?


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Gaza and the God of Israel

Despite the circumstances, God is keeping Israel safe and reversing attempts to destroy her.


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How to Be Confident in Sickness and in Health

What is dying like? Only Jesus can tell us.


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How the World Cup Teaches Me about Jesus

It's in the overtimes of life where you discover if you have what it takes to live with your eyes fixed on the goal and to do it with grace and perseverance.


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Heaven: Experiencing It & Sean Trank

Two months ago my brother-like friend and co-worker, Sean Trank, asked me to write something about heaven for others to read. In light of his recent passing, I honor his request today.


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The Ultimate World Cup!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup continues! Brazil vs. Columbia! France vs. Germany! Belgium vs. Argentina! They say over 715 MILLION people watched the final match of the 2006 World Cup—and that more people view the World Cup than the Olympics.


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Does God Like Social Media?

Face-to-face is the original social media.

Conversations that used to take place over a meal or drinks after work is now happening on Facebook, Skype and Tweets.

Whatever the delivery system, online gurus say it has to have at least these four components to be meaningful:

  1. relevance
  2. practical value
  3. emotion
  4. stories 

But even if all these components are there, I've noticed something - people are hungry for human interaction, not just cyber chats. They want face-to-face. They need to feel connected to others they can see, hear, touch and laugh with.

And no virtual delivery system can produce what a personal encounter can.

God knew that.

God, with all his supernatural abilities, could have designed a mechanism (better than Skype or Zoom) whereby he could communicate with us without leaving heaven to do it.

He could have sent angel messengers.

He could have boomed his voice from heaven.

He could have scared the life out of us with flashes of lightning and peals of thunder.

Instead, he sent his own flesh and blood Son to live among us, suffer alongside us, and die a horrible death and conquer the grave.

Where's the value in that?

God knew the kind of mess we were in - we were dead in our sins and unable to rescue ourselves. So he fixed the problem by sending his Son Yeshua (Jesus) to live a life of perfect obedience to the law of God for us, and then die in our place and rise from the dead in order to pay the price for our sins.

So how is that relevant to me? 

If Jesus hadn't done that, you would have no hope of measuring up to God's standards and being loved by him.

Only Jesus measured up and secured your relationship with God, so when you place your faith in his finished work for you, God fully accepts you as his cherished child.

"But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Messiah – by grace you have been saved – and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Messiah Yeshua." – Ephesians 2: 4-7 ESV

By believing in him, for the first time in your life you have face-to-face communication with God through Jesus.

Now that beats anything you can have online!

Want to plug into the best conversation today?

Visit here:

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In a way, enlightenment has been a goal or achievement of both the Eastern and Western worldviews for quite some time. In Buddhism, starting with its founder in the fifth century B.C.E., individual enlightenment is a follower's highest goal. "Buddha" means "awakened" or "enlightened one." For the Buddhist, this means freeing oneself from the cycle of rebirth emptying oneself in meditation. The West has also emphasized the individual's role in enlightenment, though in the European intellectual movement of the late 17th and 18th centuries. It weighed reason and individualism as of higher importance than revelation and tradition. Key individuals in the Western enlightenment included 17th-century philosophers such as René Descartes, John Locke, and Isaac Newton. This longing for enlightenment, it could be argued, is an essential component of being human, made in God's image.

A traditional Western text, Genesis, holds great wisdom that is universally applicable, especially here. Genesis includes the story of two individuals who experienced enlightenment. In fact, these were the first two people, the infamous Eve and Adam, the parents of all cultures. They gained great consciousness of themselves, but not through meditation.  It was through their actions. They reasoned against the only tradition around at that time, the one law that God had created for them. They violated that law by deciding to eat from a tree that held tantalizing fruit and promised with its ingestion, insight. Their eyes were opened to the difference between right and wrong. They then realized their stark nakedness and were suddenly ashamed of their vulnerability.

So, had they found what they were looking for? Without realizing it, Adam and Eve activated the catalyst for God's plan of salvation. This plan was to bring a future, divine messiah, whose arrival is subsequently predicted throughout all Hebrew Scripture, starting in Genesis 3. There Eve asks if she might be the mother of this child. Instead, history unfolds, centuries go by and the Jewish people are established and chosen to carry that promise on.

The Bible holds a universal truth about the search for enlightenment. Humans are drawn to it. Ultimately, the box of undesirable consequences that Adam and Eve—not Pandora—flung open, affects each human seeking truth. The Bible, in Genesis and beyond, outlines a narrative in which God is always seeking to be in harmony with creation. It creates a tradition of animal sacrifice and fulfills the need for it forever with God's own death and resurrection on our behalf.

Are you seeking the ultimate enlightenment? It's available now. God desires to give us insight if we fully seek Him.  His presence can fulfill the deepest needs with which we were designed. The illumination provided in Scripture of who He is and how we can know Him is the most crucial truth we can find.

There are many people who have devoted their whole lives to helping other people discover this for themselves. Some of those people are the staff who work for Jews for Jesus.

If you would like to talk to someone now who can help you with this quest for enlightenment, please go to our live chat.

Have general questions about Jews for Jesus?

Check out our about page.

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When Jews Were Proselytizers

The Jewish Daily Forward, a well-known publication in the Jewish community (117-year-old paper), recently resurrected the issue of Jewish evangelism from a traditional Jewish perspective. Are the Jewish people meant to be mission-minded? Did God choose us for a purpose that we're to share with others? Read the Answer.

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Yours Free: A Better Memory

According to a recent news report, US military researchers are developing a brain implant that could one day restore a wounded soldier's memory and even tackle Alzheimer's disease.

Whether these researchers succeed at their goal will be interesting, but if you can fix a fading memory not only will you be on every talk show in the world, but maybe you'll finally remember where you hid the afikomen when you were seven and ruined your family's Passover celebration.

Let's face it, even on our good days we forget many things, from car keys to appointments to what's-his-name who is related to your great-great-grandfather back in the old country.

Being able to remember is part of our personality. It's what keeps us connected to our past, our people, our guilt, and our identities. If we lose that, we lose our sense of self.

So restoring our memory would be to renew our life. But there are things we'd probably rather forget.

The Scriptures tell us we were created to be in harmony with God and the world, but that something went terribly wrong in the Garden of Eden that destroyed that harmony. That's such a distant past we hardly pay any attention to the memory hints our hearts give us. Instead we've quieted that voice with distractions and destruction. And it keeps us imprisoned to ourselves so we can't remember God anymore.

That's why God came up with a solution to our desperate need. His is a better implant than anything our military can come up with. It's called a new heart, a heart that resonates with God's life and love. And he gives it for free to anybody who asks for it.

"And I will give you a new heart, and I new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh." – Ezekiel 26 verse 26 ESV

While the military implant may take years to become a reality, you can have a new heart right now and with it a memory of the love God has for you by giving you his very best, his son Yeshua (Jesus) who paid the penalty for your sins so you could be set free.

"But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed." – Isaiah 53 verse 5 ESV

Ready for a new heart?

learn how to get it.

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Picture Telephone

It's easy for a message to get lost in miscommunication, so how can we trust that the Bible is true and accurate?


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