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San Francisco CA
San Francisco CA
60 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA, 94102
United States
Phone: 415-864-2600x1113
To schedule a missionary to
speak at your church call: (415) 448-7628

About this Branch

There are well over 200,000 Jewish people in the San Francisco Bay Area. We conduct campus outreaches at San Francisco State University, the University of California, Berkeley, and at San Jose State just to name a few. In the Bay Area, there is no shortage of evangelistic opportunities. We do outreach in many local communities at farmers' markets, festivals and concerts in places like Palo Alto, home of Stanford University. Special events include the famous Bay-To-Breakers Race (see photo), the Fillmore Street Jazz Festival and Fleet Week. Our branch holds High Holy Day Services in the Fall as well as a Passover Banquet in the Spring. We also have area fellowship meetings and Shabbat dinners in San Francisco for Jewish believers and seekers. With all of the opportunities here, we need volunteers to come alongside and assist us. Y'shua said, "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few." That's certainly true here in the Bay Area. As the famous "Uncle Sam" advertisement says, "We Need You!" If you would like to join us, we'll provide all of the training and adventure you'll want and more.

We also have a vibrant young adult ministry and for details on how to be involved, please contact us.

Staff List

Rob Wertheim Rob Wertheim Branch Leader, Minister
Lyn Rosen Bond Lyn Rosen Bond Minister
Alan Bond Alan Bond Branch Leader, Minister
Melissa Weinisch Melissa Weinisch Children and Youth Worker, Minister in Training


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