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Jewish Holidays

The Jewish calendar is full of holidays—some originating in the Bible, others arising from later traditions. Find out each one’s history, meaning and how it’s celebrated.


Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur









Life Cycle Events

Jewish life is structured around key life events and milestones: circumcision, bar or bat mitzvah, weddings, and bereavement.


Bris / Circumcision

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs


Funerals, Death, and Mourning

The Afterlife


Services We Provide

The staff of Jews for Jesus is committed to being a personal (and free!) resource to Jewish families and individuals – from coaching for interfaith couples to one-on-one bible teaching and more.


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What would Jewish life be without a taste of tradition? Here you can find many classic Jewish recipes for the holidays or any day.





Rosh Hashanah




What is Messianic Judaism?

Find out about Messianic Jews and their faith through life stories, history, and perspective.


A Brief History

Our stories

A Messianic Case for Jesus

Judaism: An Overview

A word about messianic congregations


Scripture Studies

We have all kinds of options for you to dig deeper into the Bible. These include weekly Torah (parsha) teachings, Bible study series, a thematic exploration on the topic of “How to Know God” and more.


MP3 Scripture Study Downloads (Isaiah, Romans, and more!)

Weekly Torah teachings (parshas)

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How to Know God


Bible Study Charts

We’ve developed many charts to better understand the Bible and messianic topics, which we hope will be of great use to you!


Comparison Between Joseph and Jesus

First Fruits of the Bible

Buddhism, Hinduism, Traditional Judaism, and the Gospel

Jesus and Elijah: Comparisons and Contrasts

Concepts of Peace in the Old and New Testaments



Sharing Messiah

Jesus is too good not to share him! But how do you do that in a respectful and understanding way?


How to Have Gospel Conversations with Your Jewish Friends

Refer a Jewish friend




Christ in the Passover

Christ in the Passover is a sermon presentation of the Jewish Passover seder celebration, weaving the story of the Exodus together with the life, death, and resurrection of the Messiah.


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Christ in the Passover

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