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Svetlana Kotlomina


Svetlana Kotlomina grew up in an atheistic family. When her mother (a Jewish woman) came to believe in Jesus, Svetlana decided to find out who believers are. Svetlana says, ...And I also put my faith in Jesus. He gave me eternal life and the sense of unique purity that I never had before!"

Igor Spivak

Outreach Worker

Igor Spivak is a Jewish believer in Y'shua (Jesus). He has attended an Evangelical church since he was 12 years old. His ministry to God was to take care of the sound and the sound equipment, wires, etc. But he seriously came to believe in Jesus, when God told him, I do not need your wires, but your heart." Igor participated in campaigns in Israel and in Germany, and then he joined the staff in 2009. His wife, Marina, is also a believer; they have son named Misha.