Non-Observant Jews Can Still Celebrate Torah

While I don’t observe much of rabbinic tradition, I am a person of faith. So, what it could mean for non-observant Jews like me to celebrate the giving of the Law on Shavuot? Here are some reasons why we can still celebrate Torah ›

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The Day We Saw God’s Voice

The Hebrew text of Exodus says that we saw the voice of God at Sinai. Rabbis interpret this visual manifestation as God’s words dividing into 70 languages in visible flames of fire, so all the nations could understand His instructions. This speaks God's mission for the Jewish nation ›

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The Book of Ruth: A Counter-Culture Love Story

One of biblical Ruth's most striking character traits is usually overlooked; Ruth is a mold-breaker. Ruth’s society is full of boxes, and she breaks pretty much every box that can be broken without engaging in immorality. Learn how ›

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Milk and Honey: The Sweetness of Knowing God

Shavuot offers many delicious delicacies for our enjoyment, but taking a deeper look at the meaning of the food eaten on this holiday, we find a symbolic showcase of God’s promises to the Israelites—and to us today.

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Shavuot: A Journey to Joy

The joyful festival of Shavuot connected the people with their land, their community, their heritage, and with God as they made their pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Read more about how this holiday reminds us to joyfully give our best to God.

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