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This week The Christian Post and other newspapers published articles about a meeting that Donald Trump held with religious leaders. The Post and others incorrectly stated that Kirt Schneider, who attended the meeting and prayed over Trump, is a Jews for Jesus rabbi. Mr. Schneider is not affiliated with our organization, nor does Jews for Jesus have rabbis. Today The Christian Post printed the following correction: “The original version of this story published on Sept. 30 incorrectly reported that Rabbi Kirk Schneider was a member of Jews for Jesus.”

Watch David’s video and see what God is doing through our outreaches in Israel, Moscow and New York City!
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Why Bother Jewish People with the Gospel?
Reconciliation with God is possible for anyone, including Jewish people. Tuvya Zaretsky explains why Jewish people need the truth as much as anyone else.
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Parsha in 60 Seconds:
Check out this fun and quick summary of this week's parsha. Now with a reflective Messianic study by Rabbi Glenn Harris.
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