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A Man Answers Questions on the Street

A question is a question when a person really wants to know an answer, right? Some people throw up questions like roadblocks and they probably won't like what's at the other end of these links. But if you are one of the people who are genuinely curious about how Jewish people can believe in Jesus, if you really want to get somewhere in your understanding of what he could mean to you and why, you can probably find answers to some of your questions here. We hope these links prove helpful. If you have another question that you do not see addressed, we would like to hear it and have an opportunity to send you a thoughtful answer.

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Isaiah 53 4306
How can you believe in the New Testament? Isn't it full of anti-Semitism and lies? 3414
Christians Persecute Jews 7024
Doesn’t the problem of “Christian anti-Semitism” show the real nature of what faith in Jesus is all about? 4115
How do Jews who follow Jesus identify as Jews? 6025
How does following Jesus lead some non-Jews to support the Jewish people and fight anti-Semitism? 532
How does following Jesus lead some non-Jews to support the Jewish people and fight anti-Semitism? 3669
How is faith in God, or in Jesus, possible after the Holocaust? 732
How is faith in God, or in Jesus, possible after the Holocaust? 3895
I'm basically a good person and I'm very happy with my own religion, so why should I believe in Jesus? 3525
The Holocaust 3349
An Introduction to the Names Yehoshua/Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus and Yeshu 6091
Did Jesus even exist? 9084
Did Jesus teach his disciples to hate their parents? 12134
Do the genealogies of Jesus in the New Testament show that he can't be the Messiah? 6341
How can Jesus be the Messiah when he didn't bring peace? 6846
Is the idea that Jesus is "coming again" just something Christians made up because he didn't "get it done" the first time around? 10813
Is the story of Jesus a rehash of pagan ideas (virgin births, dying gods, etc.)? 7496
Jesus 5728
Some Jewish Views of Jesus 7996
Was Jesus' death a violation of the commandment against human sacrifice? 5370
What are some reasons for believing Jesus is the Messiah? 10110
What have some Jewish people said about Jesus? 6480
What is the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead? 7182
What proof do you have that Jesus was the Messiah? 23522
Dr. Richard Ganz: The Revival of a Rebel Jew 2593
Jack Sternberg: A Jewish Oncologist's Story 4129
Jay Sekulow: How a Jewish Lawyer from Brooklyn Came to Believe in Jesus 6157
Jews in Pakistan?! 1787
Moishe Rosen's Testimony 1438
My Life in Testimony 2040
One Way Out 1091
Rich Robinson: Coming In Through the Back Door 1447
Then I Met Messiah 2769
Zinaida Abramovna: A Daughter of Abraham 2112
Blame It On Paul 1551
How Jewish Was Paul? 2428
Paul's Big Idea 1440
Paul's Personality: Deceptive or Deferential? 1927
Priority of Jewishness 1422
Was Paul a Deceiver? 1960
Are the “messianic prophecies” in the past tense, so not about a future Messiah at all? 3642
Does almah mean young woman or virgin? 2967
Does the New Testament mistranslate and misuse the Hebrew Bible when it quotes the prophecies? 3998
Hebrew Tenses 2090
In Psalm 22:16 is they pierced a Christian mistranslation? 3065
In Psalm 2:12, is Kiss the Son a mistranslation by the Christians? 3693
Is Psalm 2 considered messianic by the rabbis and Jewish sages? 2314
Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Isaiah 53 6650
Jewish Messianic Interpretations of Zechariah 12:10 3691
The Problem of the Curse on Jeconiah in Relation to the Genealogy of Jesus 12649
What are some passages in the Hebrew Bible that talk about the Messiah? 6348
About Anti-Missionaries 3861
Bible 1424
Did Paul invent a new religion based on paganism? 4422
Does baptism have a Jewish origin? 6379
Even if it's true, so what? 3876
How can God become a man? 4670
In what way is the New Testament a Jewish book? 4938
Is the New Testament anti-Semitic or anti-Jewish? 4534
Life Stories 2678
Links to Apologetics Sites 1764
Paul 664
Prophecies of the Messiah in the Hebrew Bible 1107
Since most Jews are sincere people and happy with their own religion, why isn’t that enough? 3503
Survivor Stories 1173
The Jewish Community 1370
The Jews for Jesus Challenge 88
Theological Issues 1402
Were Paul’s ethics questionable? 3753
What are some reasons to trust the Bible as true to history and to our experience? 5142
What is Jewish about the apostle Paul? 4776
Why do you say that Jews (and non-Jews) need a “middleman” in order to approach God? 3859
Why do you talk so much about “sin”? 3395
Atonement: Questions and answers 1982
Don't Christians Believe in Three Gods? 3031
How can someone die for someone else’s sins? 4769
Is there any place in the Hebrew Scriptures or Jewish tradition for the idea that someone can die for the sins of another person? 1602
Jews have the Shema; do Christians believe in three gods? 6033
The Akedah in Jewish tradition 1247
The kapparah ceremony in Judaism 930
The Trinity: Questions and Answers 2781
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