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After almost four decades Jews for Jesus has retired the ministry of the Liberated Wailing Wall. We are thankful for what God has done through this ministry. It fills our hearts with joy when we look back at all the lives that were changed by this mobile evangelism ministry, from those who came to faith to those inspired to join the cause of Jewish evangelism. As we retire the team we also want to thank all those previous team members, those that scheduled them all over the world, congregations that hosted the team through the years, and all those that have supported and donated so that the Liberated Wailing Wall could make the Messiahship of Jesus an unavoidable issue to our Jewish people worldwide.

The decision to retire the Liberated Wailing Wall does not mean we have abandoned mobile evangelism. On the contrary, we are even more resolute to reach our Jewish people through the creative arts. For the last eight months we have been praying, discussing, and developing a new mobile evangelism team to reach the next generation of Jewish people. We are happy to announce Blue Mosaic, our newest song and testimony group. Click here to learn more about this exciting ministry and where Blue Mosaic will be next.

The Liberated Wailing Wall was our mobile evangelistic music team for over 30 years. They brought "Jewish Gospel music," testimony and drama to churches, college campuses and city streets. Over one hundred and twenty individuals have traveled as part of this team and tens of thousands of non-believing Jewish people have heard the gospel through their ministry. The Liberated Wailing Wall has taken many international tours and recorded 12 albums, including their latest, Never Forget. Their music could be described as a combination of Israeli folk and Fiddler on the Roof!

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A Little History

In the early 1970's, a group of Jews for Jesus began singing on street corners in and around San Francisco. They didn't win world-wide acclaim, but some people did stop and listen, people who were surprised to hear Jewish melodies with lyrics about Jesus. At the same time, the group brought a little bit of Jewishness to the church as they were invited here and there by Christians to share their unique music. This group of singing street missionaries was the original Liberated Wailing Wall.

Through the years, some 120 energetic individuals have traveled around the world as part of the various Liberated Wailing Wall teams. Many have gone on to serve on the Jews for Jesus staff, including our executive director, David Brickner.

Our Music

Jewish gospel music sounds like a blend of Israeli folk and Fiddler on the Roof. It is joyous, upbeat and lively. When the Liberated Wailing Wall sings, you will find yourself tapping your toes, clapping your hands and singing along! You may even learn a few words of Hebrew.

The Liberated Wailing Wall has recorded a total of twelve albums, most recently Never Forget—a unique worship experience that is both ancient and modern. On the CD we've included video interviews of team members sharing what it's like to be Jewish, believe in Jesus and serve God in full-time ministry. Other musical recordings by Jews for Jesus are also available through Purple Pomegranate Productions, the merchandising division of Jews for Jesus.

We Are Jews...

Jesus spoke with a Jewish accent and so do we. After you hear the Liberated Wailing Wall, you may not like gefilte fish, but you will know more about the Jewish roots of our faith and have a deeper understanding of God's Word.

...for Jesus

The Liberated Wailing Wall are full-time missionaries on the staff of Jews for Jesus. Their music and drama always uplift Messiah. As a mobile evangelistic team, they travel throughout North America and regularly venture overseas. Some of the brightest and best young Jewish believers in Jesus contribute their talents. From six to eight brave souls share their lives, a small galley and one bathroom as they tour on a 45-foot bus outfitted with bunks. They put eighteen months of their lives on the altar in order to bring the gospel "to the ends of the earth."

The team gives presentations in churches six nights a week whenever possible (as well as on Sunday mornings). By day they hand out gospel tracts and tell people about Y'shua on college campuses, in malls, in subways, on the highways—wherever they go. When they can't distribute tracts, team members phone Jewish people to say that Jews for Jesus are in town and to invite them to their presentation.


Read Josh Brodlt's Testimony

Josh was born outside of Chicago, and grew up in California. He plays guitar and sings tenor. His parents, Victor and Caren Brodt, served with David and Patti Brickner on the Liberated Wailing Wall in 1981 - 1982, and as Josh told me, They were on the very first world tour." Caren, a Jewish believer, sang soprano. Victor drove the bus and managed the sound equipment.

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Previous 2006 Liberated Wailing Wall Team

This is an archive of a previous Liberated Wailing Wall team's web page. Click here for the current team's web page.

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