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Fort Lauderdale FL
Fort Lauderdale FL
PO Box 670484
Coral Springs, FL, 33067
United States
Phone: 954-616-5050
Fax: 866-805-9125
To schedule a missionary to
speak at your church call: 707-655-4366

About this Branch

Approximately 750,000 Jewish people reside in South Florida, which includes Palm Beach, Broward County and Miami-Dade counties. Ten percent of all Jewish people in the world live in these three counties. This makes the region the largest North American Jewish center outside of New York. The population swells as "snow birds" begin arriving after Thanksgiving, and usually peaks in March. Then, most winter residents leave to avoid the extreme heat and humidity.

The South Florida branch is ready and available to meet open-minded Jewish seekers inDade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. Our branch can also help officiate a Messianic wedding, funeral, or naming ceremony.

Whether you are Jewish and want to know more about why we believe in Jesus, or whether you already believe and are looking for others who know what it means to be a Jew for Jesus, we hope you will look us up. Come study and celebrate with us from a Messianic perspective.

Whether or not you are Jewish, if you are a believer in Jesus, we would love to have you partner with us. We have a variety of opportunities available for volunteers, prayer partners and those who are otherwise interested in supporting our outreach to people in South Florida. Perhaps you have a Jewish friend whom we could contact or help you to share your faith.

We offer a variety of programs for local churches. Our branch representatives can provide professional qualitymessages that will help Christians communicate the gospel to Jewish friends and acquaintances with sensitivity, as well as presentations about the Jewish holidays and roots of the Christian faith. If you are interested in scheduling one of our programs at your church, please contact us.


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Staff List

Robyn Wilk Robyn Wilk Branch Leader, Missionary
Heather Blecher Drake Heather Blecher Drake Missionary
Lisa Smolowitz Lisa Smolowitz Missionary Trainee
Doug Drake Doug Drake Missionary Trainee
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