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Profile San Francisco CA (International Headquarters)
San Francisco CA (International Headquarters)
San Francisco CA (International Headquarters)
60 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA, 94102
United States
Phone: 415-864-2600
Fax: 415-552-8325

About this Branch

The International Headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Here at the "nerve center" for the organization you will find, housed in three buildings:

  • The office of the Executive Director
  • Office Management, overseeing a variety of administrative areas including Church Relations, Data Entry, Facilities, Finance, IT, and Human Resources
  • Our Ministry-at-Large office
  • A Youth Ministries area
  • Web and Multimedia areas
  • The Art Department
  • A Production Deptartment, handling much of our printing and literature preparation
  • Purple Pomegranate Productions, handling sales of books and other items

Staff List

David Brickner David Brickner Executive Director, Missionary
Susan Perlman Susan Perlman Director of Communications, Missionary
Rich Robinson Rich Robinson Scholar in Residence, Missionary
Emmanuel Mebasser Emmanuel Mebasser Web and Media Producer
Ruth Rosen Ruth Rosen Newsletter Editor, Missionary
Jeff Millenson Jeff Millenson Director of Music, Administrative
David Garrett David Garrett Children and Youth Ministry Director, Missionary
Matt Sieger Matt Sieger Staff Writer/Editor
Carolyne Rohrig Carolyne Rohrig Leader of Co-Laborers in Messiah Program
Aaron Trank Aaron Trank Minister at Large, Director of Recruitment, Missionary
Steve Wertheim Steve Wertheim Executive Assistant to the Director, Missionary


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