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Manhattan NY
109 East 31st Street
New York, NY, 10016
United States
Phone: 212-683-7077
Fax: 212-683-2661
To schedule a missionary to
speak at your church call: 347-537-6109
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About this Branch

(Be sure to check out our Brooklyn and Long Island branches too!)

Some have called New York City a microcosm of a Jewish universe. Jewish culture pervades the city. Yiddish-based words like "schmooze" and "kibbutz" roll off the lips of Asian, Hispanic and African American New Yorkers alike. With over two million Jewish people living in the greater metropolitan area, New York boasts an international Jewish population that is second only to Israel.

The New York branch of Jews for Jesus was established in 1975 but it wasn't until 1984 that we purchased our seven-story building in the heart of mid-Manhattan. That building houses our administrative offices, a chapel, meeting rooms and the Louis B. Goldberg International Missionary Training Center and Library, where we train all of our English-speaking missionaries and prepare them for service worldwide.

All year round, our branch missionaries and volunteers can be found on the streets and in the subways, handing out Jews for Jesus broadsides (gospel tracts). And every year we have special outreaches at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the New Year's Rockin' Eve celebration in Times Square. A highlight of our outreach is an annual summer witnessing campaign, when Jewish believers from all around the world come to New York for a month of intensive street witnessing. These campaigns generate hundreds of contacts with Jewish people that our missionaries follow up on with phone calls and one-on-one visits throughout the year.

Our branch staff is available to people in all the boroughs, as well as parts of New Jersey, Connecticut and New York State. Our outreach is not limited to the literature you see us handing out: we visit Jewish seekers of all ages who are interested in seeing what the Bible has to say about knowing God and about Jesus. We also have personal Bible studies with Jewish believers who are looking to deepen their biblical understanding. We hold weekly gatherings as well as special events for believers and seekers to come together and celebrate holidays like Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah and Purim. (For more information, please call us.)

Currently three of our missionary staff in New York are Russian Jews, which provides us with a wonderful opportunity to communicate the gospel to the more than 100,000 Russian-speaking Jewish people who reside in Brooklyn and Queens.

We also provide internships for college age Jewish believers and an annual Halutzim program in conjunction with the Summer Witnessing Campaign.

Whether you are Jewish and want to know more about why we believe in Jesus, or whether you already believe and are looking for others who know what it means to be a Jew for Jesus, we hope you will copy the information to your right and look us up. Come study and celebrate with us from a Messianic perspective.*

For believers in Jesus: whether or not you are Jewish we would love to have you partner with us. We have a variety of opportunities available for volunteers, prayer partners and those who are otherwise interested in supporting our outreach to the greater New York area. We also offer inspiring and informative programs for local churches interested in reaching out to Jewish people.

*We can help with liturgy for messianic weddings, brises, naming ceremonies, bar mitzvahs, etc.


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Staff List

Aaron Abramson Aaron Abramson Branch Leader, Minister
Amer Olson Amer Olson Missionary Trainer, Minister
Liz Goldstein Liz Goldstein Children and Youth Ministry, Minister
Shoshannah Weinisch Shoshannah Weinisch Minister
Stewart Weinisch Stewart Weinisch Minister
Sandy Epstein Sandy Epstein
Rebekah Rood Rebekah Rood Children's and Youth Ministry Worker, Minister
Giselle Le'Aupepe Giselle Le'Aupepe Minister in Training
Jen Gage Jen Gage Children and Youth Worker, Minister in Training
Daniel Tasman Daniel Tasman Minister in Training
Eryn Black Eryn Black Minister in Training
Elizabeth Black Elizabeth Black Minister in Training
Kevin Smyth Kevin Smyth

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